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Fine filter area
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Coarse filter three domestic industrial standard, therefore, as long as according to the standard selection can meet the requirements of.

The calculation of filtration area fine filter basically no formula, mainly based on the selected shape is experimental data, therefore, recommended to choose the filter or allow manufacturers to choose.

Filter three curve:

Flow pressure difference curve (P-Q), particle size and filtration ratio curve (mu beta), time and pressure of the curve (T- P)

Therefore, the calculation of filtration area according to the three curves, of which the most important is the flow pressure difference curve, this curve by the strength of the filter factory test.

At present the most authoritative testing method is multi pass test: ISO 4572 multi pass test standard. This rig is expensive, the current domestic only 2-3 table. The present small manufacturers filter company domestic filter detection is the single pass experiments.

The calculation steps of filter area: * Z1 Y% d+ I, A% e

1 determine the filtering accuracy of 25 micron filter ratio, such as 200 (filtration efficiency), to determine when the filter

2 according to the given pressure drop 0.05MPa, flow pressure testing of filter. Draw the proper flow rate (L/min)

3 according to the flow of income, divided by the test filter area, calculate the flow rate (L/min.m2). # V4 C I `2 T: C;

4 according to the flow rate, and the actual application of flow, determine the filter area, flow / velocity = filter area

5 according to the filter area and filter selected to determine the filter structure form, folding or cylindrical winding

Basket type coarse filter selection and calculation of A 'e% h; L3 f (I' W 'V3 Z. W

The calculation of rough filter technology

1 general 3 I- g. r+ E1 U. g% X2 u @/

On the basis of the process calculation of pipeline and petrochemical pump filter standard calculation, refer to standard SH/T 3411-1999 "petroleum chemical pump filter selection, inspection and acceptance", HG-T 21637-1991 "chemical pipe filter". This calculation applies only to filter filtration area and the initial pressure drop calculation, filter housing standards of GB150, not in the calculation of the internal. "R- G0 u+ F7 W2 _, ^ - _ 'l

The 2 filter area calculation, B3 a 'W8 M: O' V: a ^9}$(H

According to the SH/T 3411-1999 standard, the definition of the effective filtration area for its provisions: structural hole net covers a total area of less hole screen occupied area in the filter support. Therefore the calculation of the effective filtration area when considering the effective area of effective support area structure and filter. According to the standard requirements, the effective filtration area and pipeline permanent filter section area ratio of not less than 1.5. The project in accordance with the requirements of temporary filter filter, the effective filtration area and pipe section area ratio of not less than 3.

Calculation of S1 2.1 pipeline section area:

In this project, filter import and export pipeline engineering diameter DN200, S1= (0.2/2) 2 * 3.14=0.0314 M2

Calculation of S2: filter 2.2 effective filtration area, D7 |4 ^9 T; A

In accordance with the standard requirements of area ratio 3, namely S2/ S1=3, namely S2= S1 * 3=0.0314 * 3=0.0942 M2 'R4 P6 {6 u _3 W' Z Y6 C _

The 2.3 filter net area calculation

According to the project requirements, the requirements of 0.8mm filter, 0.45m2 surface area.

The selection of the filter basket type filter surface area is 0.56 m2, the filter basket supporting structure for opening rate 50%, 24 mesh screen selection (which can intercept more than 0.785mm particles), the effective hole rate is 56%. Therefore, the effective filtration area of the project the selected filter basket for S=0.56 * 0.5 * 0.56=0.157 m2, effective filtering surface is greater than the 2.2 calculation results of 0.0942 m2, so in the filter area to meet the requirements of.

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