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   Steam filtration equipment used in water
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Wuxi East Spring Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is to provide customers with a variety of industrial products, filtration systems and integration technology professional company, located in the industrial development, scenic known as the "Pearl of Taihu Lake," said the Wuxi Xishan Economic development Zone, the company mainly engaged in all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, industrial environmental equipment, filtration equipment, technical advice and all kinds of chemical machinery and equipment spare parts, research and development, sales and installation. Meanwhile agents various types of well-known brands of raw materials, valves, seals.
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Wuxi East Spring Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Ltd Zhono provide technical support
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Address: the 1st Dongting Xishan District of Wuxi City streets welcome North Tel: 0510-88215085 MAIL: dengxm188@126.com dengdm188@126.com

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